• Age 35
  • Lost 20 lbs

I don't have to rearrange my life to make it happen. It's something that's in my back pocket, and after every meal I end up taking it... The simplicity for a working mom [ is ] definitely the best thing.


  • Age 56
  • Lost 9 lbs

"I started seeing a difference, not just on the scale, in the mirror and I saw it in my clothes. My clothes were fitting totally different."


  • Age 26
  • Lost 4 lbs

"It’s so easy to maintain. I just lived my life, took I-REMOVE, was more active, and I saw results."


  • Age 33
  • Lost 31 lbs

I-REMOVE has been the cherry on top of my weight-loss process! It has allowed me to still have my cheat meals … and still feel like ... I wasn’t missing out.


  • Age 34
  • Lost 21 lbs

I went from being my weakest to being my strongest, and my best self.

Results not typical. Individual results may vary. Individuals received free I-REMOVE and lifestyle counseling for 12 weeks. Based on the use of I-REMOVE in conjunction with a reduced calorie diet and regular exercise plan.