What is I-REMOVE?

I-REMOVE is a clinically tested, plant-based, weight-loss aid that enhances the amount of fat eliminated from the body. It can improve the results of any calorie conscious, healthy eating plan, and deliver up to 3X more weight loss than healthy eating alone.

Where can I buy I-REMOVE?

You can purchase I-REMOVE in pharmacies, drugstores and online retailers, please click here to find a store near you or purchase online.

How is I-REMOVE different than other weight-loss aids on the market?

I-REMOVE provides gold-standard, published, clinical studies performed in comparison with a placebo group to ensure effectiveness. We search for natural ingredients with fat binding properties and apply our proprietary technology to make them better, without compromising the compound or adding harmful additives. I-REMOVE is safe, effective, and gentle on your system.

Is I-REMOVE FDA approved?

I-REMOVE is FDA compliant. Because the product is classified as a dietary supplement, it is not subject to FDA premarket approval. However, FDA requires that dietary supplements adhere to specific manufacturing and labeling standards. I-REMOVE is FDA regulated and meets all compliance requirements. Our products have been clinically tested for safety and effectiveness. Read more about our clinical studies at www.i-remove.com/clinical-studies.