Take an Exercise Break at Work

Take an Exercise Break at Work


Everyone who works has a point during the work day when they hit a wall and wonder where they will find the energy to make it through to the end of the shift. It’s usually at this time when people head to the break room for one more cup of coffee or a sugary treat.

When you need an energy boost at work, consider taking an exercise break instead of a coffee or snack break. The I-REMOVE staff began incorporating exercise breaks into our work day, and the benefits have been amazing. Many of us have fewer tension headaches as well as reduced back, neck, and shoulder pain.

Here are a few of our favorite exercises that can easily be done in any office and while wearing work clothes.

While sitting at a desk, do leg extensions, seated tucks, and oblique twists. You can use your chair to do squats and tricep dips, but make sure the chair is stabilized. Use your desk for exercises like standing push-ups and plie squats. Consider sitting on a yoga ball instead of a chair to strengthen your core.

Try and get your coworkers on board, so you can keep each other accountable each day. At the very least, find a workout buddy. It’s more fun to exercise with another person. You can go on walks together over lunch, do stair runs during coffee breaks, and do mini workouts throughout the day. Your workout buddy can help keep you motivated, and you can try out new exercises together.