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Compressed Clinical Studies

Clinically Tested for Efficacy and Tolerability

In gold-standard clinical studies, I-REMOVE was shown to provide effective weight loss without undesirable side effects.*

Compressed Clinical Studies

How It Works

I-REMOVE is a weight-loss supplement powered by Litramine™, a patented fiber complex with superior fat-binding properties. When taken after a meal, I-REMOVE binds to a portion of the fat molecules in food, forming fat-fiber complexes that are too large to be absorbed by the intestine.

The body then, naturally and gently, eliminates up to 28% of the fat in the meal, making less fat available for absorption†. Additionally, I-REMOVE has been shown to promote a feeling of fullness.*3,2

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I-REMOVE Weight-Loss Support

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Losing weight is hard. We know how difficult it is to stick to your healthy living goals when faced with everyday challenges like special events and long work hours. Let I-REMOVE help you stay on track.*

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